12 International Air Fryer Recipes to try at Home

12 International Air Fryer Recipes to Try at Home

Air-fryers are a great invention that have made cooking easier. Everyone is trying to eat healthier these days and cooking with an air fryer is one way to cut down on oil! With just a little to no oil, you can cook delicious, crispy meals in a short amount of time. Cooking is an adventure, so why not explore the world through these 12 International air fryer recipes to try at home.

There are many easy air fryer recipes you can use to make delicious and healthy food. Cooking with an air fryer requires a shorter amount of time, and all you need to do is put all your ingredients inside your air fryer. These 12 international recipes are diverse, and will take your taste buds to flavor town, at home!

Get out your air fryer and become a Chef in your own kitchen, with these amazing international recipes.

Air fryer Chinese Stir Fry

Air Fryer Chinese Stir Fry OjaExpress recipe

You can make a sumptuous Chinese stir fry with your air fryer. It is a delectable mix of chicken breast (or any other meat), diced into thin strips, marinated with soy sauce, and seasoned with vegetables, spices, herbs, and mushrooms. It is then cooked in a cake pan in the air fryer basket for a few minutes. It is easy to make and goes perfectly with a bowl of rice, noodles, or pasta.

Air fryer French Onion Soup

Air-Fryer French Onion Soup OjaExpress recipe

Air fryer soups are not as commonplace as air fryer chicken, air fryer steak, or any other meat-based air fryer meals. However, the French Onion soup is a perfect example of the culinary wonders you can perform with your air fryer.

It is a combination of caramelized green onions with herbs, cheese, and beef stock cooked for 15 minutes or more. The result is a hearty bowl of soup that is best enjoyed on a cold night or during winter.

Air fryer Korean BBQ

Air-Fryer Korean BBQ OjaExpress recipe

Air fryers provide healthier options for making barbeque. This delightful meal is a perfect blend of skinless pork belly thinly sliced and seasoned with yellow mustard sauce, and coconut oil. It requires about a 20-minute cooking time at 180oC/356oF.

For the best experience, you need the Korean BBQ sauce, which gives it the original native Korean taste and flavor. This BBQ sauce is made of soy sauce, dark brown sugar, garlic sauce, and sesame oil. If pork isn’t your fancy, you can also follow the same style to make air fryer chicken breasts or air fryer chicken wings. All these go perfectly with a bowl of kimchi and rice.

Air fryer Mexican Guacamole

Air-Fryer Mexican Guacamole OjaExpress recipe

Guacamoles are an easy-to-cook staple in Mexican cuisine, but making them with an air fryer is even simpler. A perfect blend of it contains avocados mixed with lime juice, tomato, jalapenos, black pepper, cilantro, and onions mashed in the molcajete to make the guacamole. You can enjoy this delightful dipping sauce with air fryer chicken wings, french fries, potato chips, or any other crispy snack.

Air fryer Indian Butter Chicken

Air Fryer Indian Butter Chicken OjaExpress recipe

Air fry chicken is always delicious, but it’s even better when seasoned with herbs and spices, the Indian way. To make this meal, dice skinless chicken thighs into pieces and marinate with ginger garlic paste, cashew nuts, red chili powder, bell peppers, dried fenugreek leaves, and other spices. After marinating, coat it with butter and put it in your air fryer.

Air fryer Thai Curry Chicken

Air-Fryer Thai Curry Chicken OjaExpress recipe

Chicken tastes better when marinated in a special curry marinade made from coconut milk, red curry paste, brown sugar, and soy sauce. If you marinate this properly, it will surely become one of your favorite air fryer recipes.

After marinating, put it in your air fryer and leave for 10 minutes or more. Serve with long-grain white rice and you have a classic curry dinner.

Air fryer Spanish Paella

Air-Fryer Spanish Paella OjaExpress recipe

Making Spanish Paella in an air fryer is a healthier alternative to cooking it the regular way. This popular dish requires simple ingredients like rice, saffron, seafood, finely chopped chorizo, shrimp, vegetables, and of course, chicken.

You also need to add the right mix of herbs and white wine. Cook them all in an air fryer for 12 minutes. If you want the protein to be extra crispy, you may have to leave it for longer.

Served this dish with a sprinkle of parsley and lemon wedges. This flavor-loaded dish Is perfect for a midweek meal or a large festive occasion.

Air fryer Italian Bruschetta

Air-Fryer Italian Bruschetta OjaExpress recipe

Bruschetta is an old Italian appetizer made with toasted bread topped with garlic and chopped tomatoes, seasoned with basil, olive oil, salt, and pepper. The original Bruschetta is cooked over an open grill or coals. However, you can make yours in an air fryer by combining all the traditional ingredients in the air fryer basket and then cooking for a few minutes. Thereafter, turn a slice of bread over, add mozzarella cheese and cook for a few more minutes. It’s easy and delicious.

Air fryer Mexican Burrito

Air-Fryer Mexican Burritos OjaExpress recipe

Deep-fried burritos are perfect for every occasion and contain every ingredient you can imagine. From diced pork or ground beef to beans, rice, and tomatoes, this popular dish is the perfect wholesome meal.

Burritos are healthier when you don’t subject them to deep frying. Before putting it in your air fryer, ensure to pack everything tight so there are no gaps in between.

Air fryer Cajun Scallops

Air-Fryer Cajun Scallops OjaExpress recipe

Cooking scallops at home are easier and less messy when using an air fryer. It only takes 6 minutes and you have a crowd-pleasing bowl of scallops to enjoy. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this dish is the perfect seafood delight for dinner with family and friends. Just make sure not to overcrowd your air fryer at once. It is ideal to put 4 to 6 scallops at a time. Serve with sides of roasted Brussel sprouts, pasta, or a salad.

Air fryer Chilean Sea Bass

Air Fryer Chilean Sea Bass OjaExpress recipe


Want to give your family a special treat? Air-fried Chilean Sea Bass is an excellent idea. They are easy to cook and you’ll love that creamy flavor of the fish. Simply mix your Chilean Sea Bass filets (also called Antarctic toothfish) with a generous combination of minced garlic, soy sauce, butter, salt, and red crushed pepper, and then air fry for a few minutes. Serve with a side of roasted veggies and rice.

Air fryer Shrimp Fajitas

Air-Fryer Shrimp Fajitas OjaExpress recipe

You can make a great dinner with a dish of air fry shrimp within 10 minutes. All you need is frozen shrimp tossed with onions, bell peppers, and fajita seasoning. Consider adding a tablespoon or more of oil to make everything mix perfectly.

Serve it with a side of rice, or tortilla bread topped with pico de gallo zesty lime crema, and avocado slices.

Your air fryer is the perfect tool to make lots of air fryer meals. You don’t have to only make fried chicken wings or air fryer hamburgers. You can experiment as much as you want, or just make any of the meals listed above.

Check out the boundless variety of food ingredients on OjaExpress, and order everything you need to make your next air fryer meal. We can inspire you with more recipes that you can give your twist here on OjaExpress.




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