Bustelo Coffee Brick 10Oz


Bustelo Coffee Brick 10Oz


$5.99 / Pack

Espresso Ground Coffee Brick by Cafe Bustelo is just the thing you will need for your Cappuccinos and Espressos. Also enjoy delicious Iced coffee whenever in the mood! Use it in an Espresso machine, Percolator, French press, or a Drip coffee maker. All will lead to wonderful results.

  • One of the best Cuban selling coffees
  • Espresso Ground Coffee
  • Always Pure and flavourful, like no other!
  • 100% Pure Coffee
  • Vacuumed packed brick to preserve freshness
  • Enticing aroma and rich taste

La Fruteria

8909 South Commercial Avenue, Chicago - 60617
Curbside Pickup
icon Minimum Delivery $29.99
Curbside Pickup
icon Minimum Delivery $29.99

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