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We are a same day ethnic grocery delivery platform that aims to bring people and culture together through food.

About Us

This is the story of how a healthcare expert and a software engineer came together to create a culturally inclusive platform designed for and by immigrants.

Fola Dada and Boyede Sobitan started OjaExpress to fill a glaring gap in the grocery delivery market space. As first and second-generation immigrants from Nigeria, their fondest childhood memories were of learning how to cook traditional meals and hearing family stories around the dinner table. As adults, they yearned to recreate those childhood experiences. They soon realized that there were huge obstacles in their grocery shopping experience.

This is the truth for many immigrants — finding authentic ingredients for the recipes you grew up with can be an ENORMOUS chore! Fola and Boyede realized many ethnic communities across the country also were experiencing the same frustrations. They realized the huge disparity in the convenience and service capabilities between the stores that immigrant communities rely on, versus their more established big-box competitors. These immigrant-run mom and pop stores were simply not equipped to provide the same level of service that well-known supermarkets could provide. Fola and Boyede saw a need and decided to try to make a difference. Their vision is simply to be the United Nations of groceries at your fingertips, to make access to their favorite ethnic foods as easy as possible for customers craving that taste of home.

Boyede paused his career as a board-certified health care administrator and Fola left his role as an engineer at one of the top fintech companies in the world. They joined forces to create OjaExpress because of their passion to ensure that a comparable grocery delivery service existed for underserved communities — people from the same immigrant and ethnic backgrounds as themselves.

Being away from your home country and the foods you love can be a difficult experience, as Fola and Boyede know first-hand. OjaExpress intends to improve the customer experience by ensuring your cultural foods and the foods that you grew up on are easily available. No matter how far away you may be from home, we want to help you get what you need at the literal tip of your fingers.

Our Mission:

To Deliver The Taste Of Home To Your Home.
Our mission is to give people easier access to the foods that bring a delicious piece of their culture to their home and simultaneously support the overlooked grocers that are indispensable resources for many ethnic communities. We want to give our customers a wide-ranging yet reasonably priced, white-glove grocery experience, and help immigrants and ethnic communities recreate memories of home. OjaExpress will deliver the taste of home to your home.

Our Team: Built For Immigrants. By Immigrants.

Representation matters. Culture matters. We want to make sure that we created a company that reflects the values of the communities we aim to serve.

Our team is built by immigrants, for immigrants. We strive to improve the lives of our vendors and our customers by strengthening our communities and keeping small businesses alive. We work with the stores you trust, to give people easier access to the foods that bring a delicious piece of their culture to their home. We support the overlooked grocers that are indispensable resources for many ethnic communities. Our team is committed to supporting local mom and pop supermarkets and small groceries, and to providing the local staples, snacks, beverages, meats and more that bring the flavors of your cultural upbringing to life.

Our Vision

We know that the international aisle at the big supermarket just isn’t enough and the ethnic grocer you shop at is miles away which takes tedious hours of driving. We have been through it and we understand. That’s why we started OjaExpress to change the narrative. Through our combined professional and coding experience, we created a delivery service that lets you order ethnic groceries from local stores online and get them delivered to you the same day. At OjaExpress, our goal is to make an everyday task simpler, so you can share your culture with the people that matter. OjaExpress is your digital home for YOUR ethnic and international groceries!

Thank you for entrusting us to bring the taste of home to your home!

Fola and Boyede

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