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How OjaExpress works for Vendors:

Choose Your Delivery Method

OjaExpress provides Same-day Delivery, Curbside pickup, and Shipping for the comfort of our customers.

Explore Stores On Oja Express

OjaExpress shops from local grocers so freshness and same-day delivery is guaranteed!

Cook & Enjoy

OjaExpress helps you enjoy foods that represent your culture without grocery shopping hassles.

What Is OjaExpress?

A digital marketplace for discovering and shopping for ethnic groceries. We connect immigrants and foodies to local ethnic grocery stores.

How Does OjaExpress Work?

1. Visit 2. Click “Shop” 3. Choose your store 4. Start Shopping 5. Schedule Delivery and checkout.

Does OjaExpress Deliver In My Area?

To check whether we deliver to your address, go to Click “Shop” and enter your zip code.

What Are OjaExpress’ Delivery Hours?

In order to keep costs relatively low, we deliver all orders in the evening, and have more delivery slots available during the day on the weekends. So Mon-Thurs, all orders are delivered between 6PM-9PM. On the weekends, starting from Friday, we deliver as early as 9AM in the morning, and throughout the day.

How Do I Contact You For Help?

Email us at [email protected] or call +1-877-472-1180, or you can DM us on our Social Channels!

I'm Having Issues With The Website Or App.

Email us at [email protected] or call +1-877-472-1180 ext 2

What Is Your Return Policy?

Read our policy here.

Is There Minimum Order?

The minimum order is $29.99.

How Are Items Priced On OjaExpress Compared To The Local Store?

Items are slightly marked up from the in store price, and fluctuate with the store pricing. Occasionally, we run promotions that are actually lower than in-store prices. You will find that our products are cheaper than other online platforms, and we get them to you FRESH and FAST!

Can I Order From Multiple Stores At The Same Time?

Yes, but you will need to order a minimum of $29.99 worth of items from EACH store.

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